Professional, affordable, residential renovation and commercial refurbishment

For all commercial projects notifiable under an F10 and residential work governed by CDM regulations we act as the Principal Contractor and  project manage  all aspects of the construction process. We have designed a bespoke system that has improved communication between  the client, all contractors and third parties to the point where what historically has always been the weak link on construction  sites now ensures the desired result.

The vast experience of our management team has enabled us to build a much valued database  of tried and tested expert tradesmen for every construction skill.  Our in-house project managers and site management team then control and monitor all proceedings throughout the construction process.(See below) Allied to this we have our own in-house specialist contractors,  Securicomms and  Decorating Division, setting a day to day example to all  personnel on site.



Design Process - Specification of Project Objectives and Plans
• Create the programme and schedule of the project
• Set Budgets
• Set performance requirements
• Select contractors to be given opportunity to tender

Procurement Process - Maximisation of Our Resources
• Advise client in choice of contractors.
• Procure labour based on the tenders and bids received
• All references and insurances obtained from sub contractors
• Procure materials and equipment needed, according to the plan.

Implementation / Construction Process
• Display of F10, formal notice of works, on site
• Site Security
• Welfare facilities
• Site offices, hoarding and signage
• Ensure public access satisfied
• Construction phase plan
• Method statements / Risk assessments / Permits to work
• Health and safety site inductions
• Comply with CDM Regulations 2007
• Contractors schedules agreed
• Quality manage sub contractors
• Daily records / Weekly reports
• Meetings as agreed
• Budgetary controls

Post Construction Process

• Thorough clean
• Test of all systems
• Client / Staff training

• Document assembly
• Completion of Construction Phase Plan
• Accounts with contractors closed

• All warranties in place
• Contractual obligations agreed
• Final site inspection

Once the above has been completed the hand over can take place. We will be ready to respond, should any issues arise, during our one year warranty period and beyond.